Samstag, 18. April 2009

Mutineer Moth Magazine - finished

My Mutineer Moth Magazine is finished at last - and I have pictures of the single pages. Interested?

Das Meutermottenmagazin ist endlich fertig - und ich habe Bilder der einzelnen Seiten. Neugierig?

From top left to bottom right:
  • Front page
  • Vorderseite
  • First page: Piece of knitting made of Schachenmayr Brazilia
  • Erste Seite: Strickstück aus Schachenmayr Brazilia
  • Second page: Opal Lamé by Lang in basket stitch
  • Zweite Seite: Opal Lamé von Lang in Korbstich
  • Third page: Noni Flower made of Wolle Rödel Filosoft
  • Dritte Seite: Noni Blüte aus Wolle Röde Filosoft
  • Fourth page: Panel of Berries in Merino Seta by Lang
  • Vierte Seite: Beeren aus Merino Seta von Lang
  • Fifth page: Wristlet. Knitted from Wollmeise Sockyarn
  • Fünfte Seite: Pulswärme, gestrickt aus Wollmeise Sockengarn
  • Sixth page: Filet crochet. No clue what kind of yarn this is.
  • Sechste Seite: Filethäkelei. Keine Ahnung, was für ein Garn dies ist
  • Spine of the magazine
  • Magazin-Rücken
  • Single magazine pages
  • Die einzelnen Magazin-Seiten
For more picture click on the mosaic.
Größere Einzelbilder gibts bei Flickr mit Klick auf das Bild.

Freitag, 17. April 2009

Vivan - Work in Progress 2


Altough slowly, Vivian advances. I knitted only a little during easter, but did something on tuesday. The decreases started in the large front cables so I'm nearly done with my decreases and have to decide where to change the needles to 4.5 mm size.

I'm planning to lenghten the body of the jacket again in the waist as I did for the hip section. So probably I will knit the extra twist in the cables with the smaller sized needles and go on in size 4.5 from there. But I have to knit some until I arrive at this point. I did 45 row as yet.

No pics today - not worth it yet.

Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Vivan - Work in Progress

Salve! Vivian is growing and I decided to go for a WIP. Why only wip a sewing project? Well.

As I already told you I made the swatch and did five rows.

The original yarn needed 17 stitches and 25 rows per 2". My yarn knit with needle size 5 came to 16 stitches and 23 rows per 2". With a lot of math, help of Tini for the rule of three (rule of thumb in my case...) I figured out which sizes I need to knit.
Thanks to my good luck I can go with only two different sizes and change of needle size after I finished the waist!
And with even more good luck the difference in the two sizes I make are only 8 stitches, so I can include the extra decreases easily in the extra rows I need to lengthen the jacket (American women seem to be rather short-bodied. Every pullover I make from American patterns needs suuuuper much extra length)

Today I knit up to row 27 plus 6 - 6 rows extra length - and started with the decreases. I already arrived at the number of stitches for the smaller size and can now go on for about um 60 rows before I have to change the needle size.

This is the large back cable with the first intercrossing between the two rows of cables.